From Craiova to St. Louis, USA


The last 3 months have been amazing .America is a beautiful country ,with kind people and a lot of opportunitis.My host family is so nice and so interesting about my culture and my country.The first month we were in Chicago for a wedding .The weddings here are different , but I like it and it was on a skyscreaper and I could see the all city . After this amazing experience ,I was at homecoming dance.That is so different , in the morning you have to go to take pictures ,then you go to eat with your friends and after that ,everybody goes to school ,where is the dance. The dance was in the gym and the dj was on fire. When the party finished, I went to a bonfire .The bonfire is a big thing here ,I was at 5or more bonfires till now . I spent my first halloween , I saw little kids who were going to trick or treat ,I gave them candys and then I was at the football game (american football) .Everybody likes football and people are really excited about every sport. I was at a lot of voleyball games because my sister ,Alex, is a very good voleyball player and I like to watch her playing. Basketball is so different here! This is weird because is still basketball ,but the rules are so different ,I was confused at the begining but now I guess I am fine . I like my team and we are ready for the season . Glad to be a tiger!

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